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The ELM90 Adjustable Louver is 6" deep and has a 37 1/2 degree blade angle.


  • 48% free area.
  • Published performance ratings based on testing in accordance with AMCA Publication 500-L.
  • Low torque operation and architecturally pleasing appearance with low leakage performance.
  • Drain gutter in the head frame and each blade; downspouts in jambs and mullions to drain water from louver for minimum water cascade from blade to blade.
  • Concealed blade linkage is protected from weather exposure and reduces required installation depth.
  • Standard jamb seals provide for tight blade to frame closure
  • Blade seals optional for firm blade to blade closure.

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Additional Info

  • Frame Depth: 6" Deep
  • Free Area: 58%
  • Blade Angle: 37 1/2°
  • Blade Type: Adjustable Blade
  • Drainable: Yes
  • Sightproof: No
  • AMCA Certified: Yes
  • Miami Dade Approved: No

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