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The Model Series 92FRP Flush Face Radial Pattern Diffusers have been designed to provide low aspiration at high ventilation rates especially for cleanroom applications such as research laboratories, bio-technology facilities, animal labs, food processing, semi-conductor manufacturing, hospital rooms and computer rooms.

Specially designed internal baffles and pressure plate produce an excellent radial air pattern that allows large volumes of air to be supplied at low velocities. The unobtrusive flush face design provides the smooth appearance required for architectural excellence.
The 92FRP-2AL and 92FRP-2 models introduce air in a semi-cylindrical 180° radial flow pattern, flushing a room with large volumes of clean conditioned air, minimizing entrainment and hence mixing with contaminated air, while still allowing low room air velocities. The 92FRP-1AL and 92FRP-1 models introduce air in a 90° radial flow pattern for perimeter applications.



Submittal - 92FRP-1 / 92FRP-2

Submittal - 92FRP-1AL / 92FRP-2AL

Submittal - 92FRP-1SS

Submittal - 92FRP-2SS

Performance Data - 92FRP

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