Air Measuring Products

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Air Measuring Products

Air Measuring Products

The AML3 is a unique product that combines a wind driven rain resistant louver with an air measuring station in…
The AML6 airflow measuring louver combines the functions of an outside air intake louver and an air measuring station in…
Ruskin’s AMP series probes are designed to provide accurate flow monitoring at all times.
Ruskin’s AMP015 Probe assembly is designed to provide accurate flow monitoring at all times.
Center-Averaging Flow Probe Kit
Air Measuring Station
Air Measuring Station with Integral Damper
Air Measuring Station Controller Package
Pressure Transducer with LCD Display
Honeycomb Straightening Section
Round Air Measuring Damper
Electronic Air and Air Temperature Monitoring Probe
Control Transmitter
Electronic Air Measuring Station
Ruskin model EAMS060 combines the precise measurement of the AMCA certified EAMS series air measuring station, with Ruskin’s ultra low-leak,…
Ruskin's EFAMS electronic fan-inlet air measurement station utilizes thermal dispersion technology combined with low-pressure drop aerodynamic sensors to measure the airflow at…
The IAQ020X Control Package comes standard with the IAQ50X Air Measuring Station. Combined, the IAQ020X and IAQ50X offer a complete…
Ruskin model IAQ350XL was specifically designed to save space in tight mechanical rooms and air handling units.

Air Delivery

Life Safety

  • FSD36FA
    FSD36FA "Front Access" Fire/Smoke Damper, Steel, 1½ Hour Rating, UL555/UL555S Classified, Class II, Vee-Groove Blade, w/Integral Sleeve w/Front Flange for Grille,…
    in Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers

Air Measuring

More Control

  • Pneumatic Pressure Sensor
    Pneumatic Pressure Sensor The PR-243 incorporates sophisticated integrated circuits and a 100% solid state piezoresistive silicon sensor to not only provide a high-level,…
    in Pressure

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