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Ruskin model IAQ350XL was specifically designed to save space in tight mechanical rooms and air handling units.

The model combines a class A wind-driven rain louver with integrated flow measurement station and a class 1A rated damper in a common sleeve that is only 12 inches in the direction of airflow. When compared to typical air measurement installation requirements, this compact design reduces the space requirement by as much as 93 inches. The integral damper satisfies the leakage requirements of the International Mechanical Code (IMC) and International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), while providing accurate flow measurement to within ±3% accuracy.


Standard construction

  • sleeve 12" (305) long X .125" (3.2) aluminum (for slip-fit connection).
  • Louver frame 3" (76) deep, 6063T6 high yield extruded aluminum with .062" (1.6) nominal wall thickness. Louver blades 6063T6 extruded aluminum with .040" (1) nominal wall thickness. Blades are mounted vertically and spaced approximately 3/4" (19) center to center.
  • Louver finish Mill. Sensor blade 6063T6 high yield extruded aluminum, clear anodize finish.
  • Sensor port fittings
  • Brass. Pressure transducer DPT-IQ 0-5, 0-10 VDC or 4-20ma output (field selectable) with 2 line LCD display for flow and pressure.
  • Accuracy ±3% Deviation Average Across Measurement Range.
  • Power requirements 24 VAC or VDC ±10%
  • Damper construction Refer to Model CD50.
  • Operating temperature -22°F (-30°C) to +140°F (+60°C) standard.
  • Minimum size 12"w x 20"h x 12"d (305 x 508 x 305).
  • Maximum size Multiple section assembly - unlimited. Maximum single section not to exceed 48"w x 72"h (1219 x 1829). Louvers larger than 48"w x 72"h (1219 x 1829) will require field assembly of smaller sections.
  • Velocity requirements Minimum 275 FPM (1.4 m/s) Free Area Velocity. Maximum 2,024 FPM Free Area Velocity

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