Belt drive, centrifugal lab exhauster with the motor,

Drives and bearings located outside the airstream designed to exhaust potentially dangerous laboratory fumes. The TIB-LE is constructed to operate in a roof mounted vertical position with optional Bypass Air Dampers and Plenum intended to dilute noxious fumes.

Construction Features

  • High Plume Nozzle
  • UL 705 Electrical Listed
  • TIB with UL762 Restaurant Grease Listed (Certification Pending)
  • Model TIB Certified for Sound and Air Performance
  • Designed to meet ANSI Z9.5: Laboratory Ventilation
  • Designed to meet NFPA 45: Standard on Fire
    • Protection for Laboratories Using Chemicals
  • Designed to meet ASHRAE Laboratory Guidelines
  • AMCA Type B Spark Resistant Construction
  • Oversized Access Doors
  • Optional Bypass Dampers and Plenum
  • Designed to withstand 125 psf windload without guy wires


  • Plenum Weatherhood
  • Isolation Damper
  • Bypass Air Damper

Additional Info

  • Max Static Pressure: 1.0" w.c.
  • Max Airflow (CFM): 31,810
  • Drive Type: Belt Drive
  • Blade Type: Centrifugal

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