Q1 Application Software


Network Statistics Control App

Application is compatible with Q1 Hardware. Accepts fan in bindings from terminal equipment controllers to communicate zone information.

Compatible with Air Handling Unit equipment up to 6 stages of cooling or heating, analog or floating point valves or digital stages, discharge pressure/variable speed fan control, economizer, humidification and de-humidification, IAQ (CO2) control. 


Software features include:

· Single Zone or Terminal Unit based AHU control options

· Full PID control of up to 6 Independent stages of cooling, both digital and analog or a mixture of both

· Full PID control of up to 6 Independent stages of heating, both digital and analog or a mixture of both

· Multiple Supply Fan control options. On/Off, Duct Pressure Control, Temperature based Variable Speed

· Multiple Return Fan control options. Building Pressure control, Volumetric Tracking, Speed Tracking

· Multiple styles of built in Discharge Temperature and Fan Pressure Reset algorithms

· Dry-bulb and Enthalpy based Economizer with CO2 and freeze protection control

· Space Humidity Control

· Built in Energy Shedding control

· Built in Alarming

· Air Filter Alarms

· Fan Failure and Belt Loss Alarms

· Sensor Alarms

· Temperature Control Alarms

· Pressure Control Alarms

· CO2 Alarms

· Many more

· Changeable network variable types.

· Slave mode for any unused I/O, which can be bound to another controller.

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