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Electropneumatic Transducer

The EP-311/313 incorporate quiet low wattage poppet valves and a pressure sensor to measure and adjust the branch line pressure proportional to the input. This unit has no air consumption and is immune to mounting orientation or supply line pressure fluctuations. The EP-313 incorporates a manual override switch and, in the manual mode, the pressure can be increased or decreased with two push button switches.


Features No air consumption 100% solid state piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor High air flow capacity Field selectable 4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC input Universal 24 VAC/VDC supply voltage Short circuit and reverse polarity protected inputs and outputs Auto/manual switch with separate increase/decrease push-buttons (EP-313) Precision pressure gauge for branch line indication Non-interactive zero and span trimmers Smallest size in the industry Five installation options—probe with mounting flange or bulkhead fitting, plastic, galvanized steel, or NEMA-4 / IP-65 steel enclosure offer the industry's most extensive range to satisfy all HVAC, appliance and industrial applications. 304 SS thin wall probe with a cold rolled hermetically sealed end forms a monolithic encapsulation cavity for the sensor and is immune to failures caused by high humidity, contamination, thermal shock and vibration. The flat probe end provides a large thermally sensitive area and the sensor is in direct thermal contact to this surface. As a result, extremely fast response is achieved to changes in temperature. Probe is attached to the enclosure or the flange using a patented process to provide a rugged, reliable and low profile attachment for ease of installation. More than 16 types of interchangeable NTC thermistors, precision platinum, nickel or balco RTDs are available for universal compatibility.

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