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The A-500 thermowell is machined from a single piece of brass or stainless steel to provide a rugged and leakproof well for MAMAC Systems' temperature sensors. Each A-500 thermowell is precisely machined to 0.255" bore to provide a tight fit for our standard ¼" O.D. probe. This feature also significantly enhances the thermal transfer from the media to the temperature sensor. 


Features 4", 6", 8", and 12" lengths Brass or stainless steel material Machined from a single piece of metal Withstands up to 3,000 PSIG pressure ¾" external with ½" internal or ½" external with  ¼" internal thread options BSPP ½" external with ¼" NPT internal thread available Five installation options—probe with mounting flange or bulkhead fitting, plastic, galvanized steel, or NEMA-4 / IP-65 steel enclosure offer the industry's most extensive range to satisfy all HVAC, appliance and industrial applications. 304 SS thin wall probe with a cold rolled hermetically sealed end forms a monolithic encapsulation cavity for the sensor and is immune to failures caused by high humidity, contamination, thermal shock and vibration. The flat probe end provides a large thermally sensitive area and the sensor is in direct thermal contact to this surface. As a result, extremely fast response is achieved to changes in temperature. Probe is attached to the enclosure or the flange using a patented process to provide a rugged, reliable and low profile attachment for ease of installation. More than 16 types of interchangeable NTC thermistors, precision platinum, nickel or balco RTDs are available for universal compatibility.

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