When you need Truly Special Air Distribution Air Concepts Inc. is an air distribution manufacturer specializing in unique air distribution products within the HVAC industry.

Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona (USA) Air Concepts Inc. has been manufacturing and marketing its products nationally and internationally since 1985. Designing innovative products quickly with the needs of your next project in mind, Air Concepts has a long record of proven results that are guaranteed.

The founding principles of the company emphasize standards of excellence that showcase integrity, first-class service, a commitment to people, and a firm pledge to provide high-quality, aesthetically-pleasing, dependable products, and engineering support that surpasses all expectations. Through the use of independent laboratory testing, Air Concepts’ products attain the highest level of data integrity, accuracy, and reliability. Air Concepts has achieved a reputation as a leader in the air distribution industry through product and service innovation, stressing product durability, reliability, style, and unique features.


  • Drum Louvers
  • Architectural Grilles
  • Air Nozzles
  • Industrial Outlets
  • Jet Nozzles
  • Perforated Grilles
  • Plaque Diffusers
  • Swirl Differsers
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