Today, most people involved in the HVAC industry around the world are familiar with the Nailor International Group of manufacturing companies. However, many may not know that the group had humble beginnings.

The company commenced operations at a small facility in Toronto, Canada, manufacturing a single air control device. Michael T. Nailor (President and CEO) started with the founding principle that the company would be customer-focused and service-oriented, dedicated to fulfilling the need for high-quality, competitively priced products, delivered to our customers on schedule. Nailor management has maintained strict adherence to the ‘Superior Customer Service’ philosophy for more than 35 years, and as a result, the company has been rewarded with a continually increasing demand for our products. More recently, Nailor has taken a technical leadership role, with active participation on several ASHRAE Technical Committees and by pioneering the development of new products that exceed industry-standard design and performance specifications. One example is the introduction of the ECM motor for use in fan-powered terminal units in 1995, which has now become an industry standard for energy savings and improved comfort. Nailor is now proud to introduce a new complete line of innovative commercial fan coil units, the first available with EPIC Fan Technology® and ECM motors. We felt the significance of this new development should also herald a new brand name – Engineered Comfort. We are confident that Engineered Comfort will also significantly contribute to improving the building environment and provide substantial energy savings.

Today, Nailor International Inc. is still a privately held company with Group Headquarters in Houston, Texas. The company has ten manufacturing plants totaling over 700,000 square feet strategically located in three countries, with an international distribution network of representatives working together to not only meet but exceed the expectations of clients, engineers, and customers around the world.

“Complete Air Control and Distribution Solutions.”

Why Nailor?

An appropriate opening question on behalf of our potential customers would be, “Why Nailor Industries Inc.?”

  1. Mission Statement: Nailor is committed to providing the HVAC industry with access to a world class line of innovative, quality Air Control and Distribution Products, backed by exemplary service, through a network of professional and knowledgeable representatives and distributors.
  2. Manufacturing: Professional sheet metal and aluminum fabrication. Union made in the USA and Canada by members of the Sheet Metal Workers International Association. Factories are equipped with the most modern production equipment available, including CNC turret punch presses, flying head cutoff roll formers and automated progression dies.
  3. Quality Assurance: Quality Assurance Programs in each factory ensure a consistently high level of performance and superior quality. Our UK operation is registered to BS 5750 and assessed to ISO 9002.
  4. Industry Approvals and Professional Status: Both new and existing products are subject to a continuous program of testing to national and international standards.
  5. Research and Development/Innovative Solutions: An essential ingredient to any company’s continued success is Listening. Responsiveness to customer needs has led to continuous improvement in product design and the development of solutions to industry needs and concerns. Recent development projects have included the industry leading ‘Stealth Fan Powered Terminal Unit’ with smart brush less DC motor technology, the UNI-PD Theater Diffuser and NFD Floor ‘Swirl’ Diffuser.
  6. Customer Service: Nailor has always been a customer led company, responding promptly and efficiently to the needs and demands of consulting engineers, contractors and representatives. The customer service function is seen as a key ingredient in our success. Decentralized regional manufacturing and customer service facilities keep us more focused, closer to our customers and more responsive. By combining speed with reliability, the industry’s demand for ever quicker service and deliveries has been met.

Ultimately, the customer requires the best possible products at competitive prices. Nailor meets the demand for value for money. Our ultimate strength is our people; for they have been responsible for the level of effectiveness we have achieved and are the ingredients that push for ever higher standards of excellence. We know everyone has a choice that’s why we believe dealing with Nailor must be the most rewarding one!

Nailor Products

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