Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sales and Service for Saturn Enterprises, Inc.

In the listed Terms and Conditions, the term “Saturn Enterprises, Inc.” or “Company” refers to the entity providing Goods or Services to its clientele. The term “Customer” pertains to the entity purchasing Goods or Services from Saturn Enterprises, Inc. The “Invoice” delineates the written or electronic documentation furnished to the Customer by Saturn Enterprises, Inc., specifying crucial particulars such as amounts due, Goods, and Services.

Agreement Terms: This comprehensive Agreement, inclusive of the Terms and Conditions of Sales and Service and the Invoice, meticulously regulates the procurement of Goods and Services from Saturn Enterprises, Inc. by any Customer. Any supplementary terms or conditions must obtain written approval from the President of Saturn Enterprises, Inc. to be deemed valid; otherwise, they shall be deemed null and void.

Order and Delivery: Goods and/or Services rendered by Saturn Enterprises, Inc. are meticulously curated for utilization across commercial, industrial, healthcare, educational, and governmental sectors. Orders undergo rigorous assessment for final acceptance by Saturn Enterprises, Inc., with estimated delivery dates serving as approximate projections. Unavoidable delays, beyond the reasonable control of Saturn Enterprises, Inc., absolve the entity from any associated liabilities. The responsibility for all freight and shipment charges, coupled with the risk of loss, seamlessly transfers to the Customer upon shipment. All shipments are FOB port of exit or to the delivery location in the US unless otherwise stated.

Pricing: The pricing framework for Goods and Services must explicitly outlined in a written Quote or signed contract. It is incumbent upon the Customer to expeditiously settle all pertinent Taxes, with any exemptions necessitating substantiation through proper documentation.

Payment Terms: For Customers entrusted with credit accounts, payment terms are subject to variance. If the customer does not have credit established, invoices are to be paid In Advance.

Warranties: Warranty entitlements are intrinsically tethered to the nature of Goods or Services procured, as exhaustively elucidated within this Agreement.

Indemnification and Liability: Customers solemnly undertake to indemnify Saturn Enterprises, Inc. against any third-party claims arising from the former’s actions or breaches. Moreover, Saturn Enterprises, Inc. delineates the extent of its liability within the purview of this Agreement.

Privacy Statement: Customer acquiescence to the collection, utilization, and disclosure of information by Saturn Enterprises, Inc. is contingent upon adherence to its Privacy Statement.

Product Information: The collection and utilization of Telematics Information adhere strictly to Saturn Enterprises, Inc.’s Privacy Statement.

Modification, Attorney’s Fees, Severability, Choice of Law: Modifications necessitate mutual consensus in writing. Matters pertaining to attorney’s fees, choice of law, and other legal exigencies are judiciously delineated within this Agreement.

Entire Agreement, Assignment, and Remedies: This Agreement comprehensively encapsulates the understanding between the contracting parties, and any prospective assignment warrants Saturn Enterprises, Inc.’s express consent.

Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action/OFFCP Obligations: Saturn Enterprises, Inc. ardently upholds Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action, as mandated by extant regulations.

For additional elucidation, please refer to our website or contact Saturn.

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