Developer of the world’s most user friendly configurable DDC controller… Ever!!  The InetSupervisor suite of software and hardware products is revolutionizing the building automation industry by the shifting the balance of power from manufacturer’s of closed, proprietary systems to the end-users and building owners.  Utilizing a simple point and click interface the user can develop is extremely powerful and complex building automation systems.

Open LonWorks Automation System

We love it when we can provide our customers with their automation system. That’s why we have the best and most creative people in the industry on hand to design and build exactly what you want.

Open Systems News

InetSupervisor line of hardware has just expanded with Q2, a 48 I/O controller. Q2 targets very large air handlers, central plants, etc. With 24 universal inputs and 24 outputs its the largest configurable controller ever built. If you ever wanted to try automating a VAV Air Handler but have not had the time to write a feature-rich sequence, the Q2 hardware is for you. Just download the free configuration software and setup the I/O. Sequences of operation are resident in the on-board non-volatile memory waiting to be used.

As usual the InetSupervisor line does it with ZERO PROGRAMMING.

About the InetSupervisor System

  • Strictly follows LonMark interoperability guidelines
  • All hardware is configurable and therefore ZERO PROGRAMMING
  • Premiere energy efficiency is built-inSequences have been field-tested on 100s of projects
  • Flexible schedule engineIndustry-leading trend engine
  • Complete Internet accessibility with no additional fees

The end-user’s benefit

  • Open system results in the ability to competitively bid future work
  • Operating sequences are standard and very feature-rich
  • Off-the-shelf energy efficiency including demand response
  • No requirement for costly maintenance contracts, end-users can ‘DIY’

Automation Products by Industry

  • HVAC dry side: AHUAir Handling Units, MZ Multizone Units, FCU Fan Coils, HPU Heat Pumps, VAV Variable Air Volume, FAN ==> Q1 and V1 controllers
  • HVAC wet side: Chilled Water Plant, Cooling Tower, Hot Water Plant, Pumps, Boilers ==> P1 programmable and its associated slave I/O boards SI and SO
  • Lighting: LED lighting troffers, flat panels, high bay ==> L2 and LedRelay
  • Advanced Lighting: Circadian Tunable Lighting automation ==> L2 and LedRelay used with P1 programmable controller for maximum flexibility, also use a variety of sensors and switches.
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