Flexmaster USA, Inc. Manufactures the highest quality of insulated, acoustic, and non-insulated flexible duct for exacting HVAC applications, and where long life, performance, and efficiency are primary goals.

Flexmaster USA, Inc. Manufactures a large variety of Sheet metal fittings unsurpassed in Quality and performance; such as sleeves, spin collars, oval starter collars, conical adapters, STOD’s, saddle taps, square to rounds, round to round, and other take-offs and adapters with or without blade dampers and locking actuators.

Flexmaster USA, Inc. Manufactures the FLEXRIGHT® Elbow the newest patented flexible duct external elbow support insures that bens and turns in flexible ducts remain open and true to radius maintaining perfect flow to the supply and return diffusers in HVAC systems.


  • Flexible Duct
  • Acoustical Duct
  • Sheet Metal Fittings
  • Flexible Duct Kits
  • Return Air Kits
  • Triple Lock Metal Duct
  • Triple Lock Sound Attenuator
  • Access Doors
  • Accessories
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