Terminal Units

Efficient climate control is essential for any commercial, industrial, healthcare, or educational facility. Terminal units, commonly known as Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes, play a crucial role in managing the distribution of air within a building. These devices regulate the volume of conditioned primary air from the central air handler to different zones in the occupied space, ensuring optimal indoor comfort and energy efficiency.

What are some benefits of using a terminal unit?
  • Cost Savings: Terminal units help save energy and lower utility bills by heating or cooling spaces only as needed, making the system more efficient.
  • Individual Room Temperature Control: Each terminal unit is responsible for controlling the temperature of one space, allowing for precise and customized climate management.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Terminal units deliver fresh, conditioned air to each space, enhancing the overall air quality within the building.

Single Duct Terminal Units

Single duct terminal units, often referred to as VAV boxes, are the simplest and most cost-effective solution for regulating airflow. These units feature a round inlet equipped with a flow sensor and damper, along with a rectangular casing that incorporates acoustic and thermal liners for enhanced performance. They are versatile, suitable for cooling only, cooling with reheat, heating only, or heat/cool changeover applications. Additionally, quiet models with dissipative silencers and hospital-grade boxes are available for sensitive environments. Single duct units are ideal for facilities seeking a budget-friendly yet efficient airflow control solution.

Dual Duct Terminal Units

Dual duct terminal units provide exceptional control over mixed air streams. They come in two types: non-mixing dual duct, which consists of two single ducts with a common discharge, and mixing dual duct, which includes an integral mixing section for the two supply valves. Both types use pressure-independent controls for precise temperature and volume regulation. These units are designed for complex control sequences, allowing for customizable mixing and proportioning of hot and cold air based on thermostat demand. Dual duct units are essential for facilities requiring precise environmental control to maintain consistent comfort and efficiency.

Fan-Powered Terminal Units

Fan powered terminal units, or fan powered boxes, feature both a primary air inlet and a local motor and blower assembly. They are available in two main configurations: parallel arrangement, where the fan operates independently of the primary airflow, and series arrangement, where the fan operates continuously with the primary airflow. For dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS), we offer series fan powered units with sensible cooling coils. Options include technology for industry-leading low sound levels, making them ideal for noise-sensitive environments like offices and healthcare settings.

Fan Powered Chilled Water (DOAS) Terminal Units

Our fan powered chilled water terminal units with sensible cooling (DOAS) feature ultra-high efficiency ECM motors and EPIC fan volume controllers. These units are available in both standard height and low-profile configurations, providing flexibility to fit various installation requirements. They are ideal for facilities that prioritize energy efficiency and precise climate control, particularly in systems utilizing outdoor air.

Investing in high-quality terminal units is crucial for optimizing your building’s HVAC performance. Terminal units help lower energy costs by efficiently managing airflow and maintaining desired temperature levels across different zones. They improve indoor air quality, which is vital for the health and comfort of occupants, especially in healthcare and educational settings. Advanced terminal units also offer noise reduction features, ensuring a quieter environment conducive to work and learning. By choosing the right terminal units for your facility, you ensure better climate control, enhanced energy efficiency, and a more comfortable indoor environment for everyone. Contact us for a bid today and take the first step towards optimizing your building’s climate control.

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