Terminal Units

Single Duct Terminal Units

Designed for cooling only, cooling with reheat, heating only or heat/cool changeover applications. Quiet Type with dissipative silencers and Hospital Grade boxes are also available.

Dual Duct Terminal Units

Dual Duct terminal units utilize pressure independent controls for accurate temperature and volume control. Dual Duct terminals are designed to precisely regulate and vary the volume of both the hot and cold deck of a dual duct system in response to thermostat demand. Many control sequences are possible with today’s sophisticated controls. Each deck can be set to reset between a minimum and maximum air volume limit with numerous possibilities for hot and cold air mixing and proportioning.

Fan-Powered Terminal Units

Fan Powered Boxes are available in cooling only, electric reheat, or hot water reheat models. SST models are designed for the most demanding applications utilizing “Stealth” technology with low sound levels that lead the industry.

Fan Powered Chilled Water (DOAS) Terminal Units

Fan Powered Chilled Water Terminal Unit with Sensible Cooling (DOAS) featuring an ultra-high efficiency ECM, fan motor and EPIC fan volume controller. Both standard height and low-profile units are available.

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