Engineered Comfort fan coil units are the only true commercial quality fan cloil units available today.  They are also the most versatile units on the market.  Engineered Comfort offers heavy-duty commercial construction, commercial type control sequences, superior motor control, and the largest list of options and feautures found in fan coil units today.

Engineered Comfort EPIC Fan Technology will save 67% of the fan energy at typical set points (more at others), which gives the owner a major reduction in energy usage.  The motor/blower combinations are mounted on special 16 ga. angles and isolated from casing with rubber insulators for minimum noise generation.  

Engineered Comfort offers stand-alone controls that provide a commercial style operating sequence unique to fan coil units.  This allows the owner to take advantage of room diversity by modulating water and air flows to meet demand while also providing addtitional energy savings at the fans, pumps and chillers.  Engineered Comfort controls also fix the discharge air temperatures off the coils.  This feature causes the latent work to occur early in the cooling cycle, which decreases humidity (even in part-load conditions), improves comfort, and raises the indoor sensible comfort level.  Engineered Comfort’s stand-alone controls are also available in a native BACnet model, which includes full DDC communication with the building automation system.  

Engineered Comfort also feautures an option of applied UV lights in the coil section.  These lights are specially designed for fan coil applications to eliminate any UV radiation from shing through the coil and into the occupied space.  Using UV lights in the fan coil cleans the coil surfaces, reduces the need for coil cleaning, and reduces the circulation of microbes, which helps eliminate common:

  • Allergy/Asthma
  • Upper respiratory ailmants
  • Headaches
  • Sinus congestion
  • Colds and Flue

The units are designed for easy installation, and with modular construction, easy repair and scheduled maintenance.  Every component is designed with plug-n-play technology to minimize or possibly eliminate wasted technician time in the occupied space for scheduled maintenance or repairs.  All units are certified by ARI and listed by ETL, and display the ARI and ETL seals respectively.  

Engineered Comfort Fan Coil Units are available with hot water coils and/or electric reheat.  Coil options allow for 3 or 4 row cooling with 1 row or 2 row heating coils when the coils are in combination.  Stand-alone coil options are 3 to 5 row cooling coils and 1 to 4 row heating coils.  All drain pans are made from 304 stainless steel with closed cell insulation on the outside.  

Factory supplied controls are tested and calibrated at the factory. Job-specific requirements can be incorporated into the fan coils, and all fan coils are shipped completely assemble to reduce field labor cost.  

All units are fully inspected and run tested at the factory to eliminate problems during start up.


  • Vertical Fan Coil Units
  • Horizontal Fan Coil Units
  • Water Source Heat Pumps
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