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We offer a powerful, cost-effective, and easy way to configure a family of web-enabled and compatible controllers, peripherals, and software products. In today’s world, the role of building automation systems are important, as more and more systems are designed to connect.

Building Automation System Features include users, scheduling, trends, analytics, and alarms. The benefits of these features facilitate lower energy costs, improved comfort, increased productivity, safety, security, reduced maintenance costs and downtime.

  • Users. Unlimited users, assigned access permissions, assigned alarm notifications, user activity logs
  • Scheduling. Unlimited number of schedules: daily, global holiday, one time exception
  • Trends/Analytics. Customized trend data, storage, reports
  • Alarms. Any data point can be configured to an alarm
    • Alarm levels assignable by user/alarm level
    • Smart alarms minimize false positives
  • Lower Energy Costs. Equipment runs more efficiently
    • Automatic scheduling
  • Improved Comfort & Increased Productivity. Reduce occupant complaints by maintaining an ideal level of comfort
  • Improved Safety & Security. Alarms drastically reduce response time
    • Monitor and control air quality, humidity, ventilation, and protect against harmful pollutants, gases and smoke
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs & Downtime. Improve preventative maintenance
    • Avoid major equipment failures

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