Air Distribution

Flowline Linear Diffusers

FlowLine™ Architectural Linear Diffusers are designed to integrate and blend supply and return air openings harmoniously into interior commercial building designs. 

Linear Diffusers and Bar Grilles

  • High-capacity single slot linear diffuser available in five slot widths, offering an attractive alternative to traditional multi-slot designs.
  • Modular flowline is an architecturally pleasing modular square ceiling diffuser primarily for lay-in T-Bar applications.
  • Linear Bar Grilles offer a clean, crisp styling and efficient air distribution.

Ceiling Diffusers

Offering a variety of ceiling diffusers that deliver outstanding performance without sacrificing aesthetics. Some of the most quiet and versatile available on the market today, combining outstanding performance with on-the-job flexibility.

  • Pattern Diffusers
  • Stamped Square Diffusers
  • Architectural Diffusers
  • Round Ceiling Diffusers
  • Perforated Diffusers
  • Eggcrate Return Diffusers
  • Modular Core Diffusers
  • Curved Blade Diffusers
  • Ceiling Diffuser Accessories

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Grilles and Registers

precisely manufactured with premium quality materials and are designed for architectural excellence. Defining the new industry standard for high quality products and competitive pricing, these grilles meet any application requirement.

  • Louvered Face Grilles & Registers
  • Curved Spiral Duct Grilles
  • Airfoil Blade Grilles & Registers
  • Curved Blade Grilles & Registers
  • Eggcrate Grilles & Registers
  • Perforated Grilles & Registers
  • Filter Grilles
  • Door/Transfer Grilles
  • Reversible Core Grilles & Registers
  • Heavy Duty Grilles & Registers
  • Drum Louvers
  • Industrial Supply Grilles & Registers
  • Lattice Grilles
  • Grilles & Registers Accessories

Hospital/Cleanroom Diffusers

  • Radial Pattern Diffusers
  • Laminar Flow Diffusers
  • Steri-System Air Curtain
  • Steri-System Operating Room Systems
  • Hospital/Cleanroom Diffuser Accessories
  • Fan Filter Units

Displacement Ventilation Products

Rigorous lab testing combined with the latest in computational theory, high quality manufacturing and a commitment to providing quality Air Distribution solutions result in one of the industry’s finest selections of Displacement Diffusers available on the market today.

  • Flat Face
  • Round
  • Wall Mount
  • Linear Floor
  • Ceiling Mount
  • Options & Accessories

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