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Demand Response for Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Incorporating building automation systems offers many benefits beyond just energy efficiency. Here’s how automated demand response can revolutionize your energy management strategy, with Saturn’s expertise to guide you through implementation.

1. Improved Energy Efficiency

  • Building automation systems optimize energy usage by automatically adjusting lighting, HVAC, and other systems based on occupancy, time of day, and environmental conditions.
  • For example, Walmart, a multinational corporation with office buildings worldwide, implemented a comprehensive building automation system. By integrating occupancy sensors and smart lighting controls, they achieved a significant reduction in energy consumption during non-peak hours while ensuring optimal lighting levels for employees.

2. Enhanced Comfort and Productivity

  • Automated systems maintain consistent indoor environmental quality, creating comfortable and productive spaces for occupants.
  • Johnson Medical Center, a leading healthcare facility, utilized building automation to regulate temperature and air quality in patient rooms and surgical suites. By ensuring optimal conditions, they improved patient comfort and recovery rates while enhancing staff productivity.

3. Real-Time Monitoring and Control

  • Building automation platforms provide real-time monitoring and control of energy consumption, allowing for proactive identification of inefficiencies and optimization opportunities.
  • TechSmart, a large retail chain, implemented a centralized building automation system across its stores. With real-time monitoring of HVAC and lighting systems, they could identify and address maintenance issues promptly, reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency.

4. Cost Savings and Sustainability

  • By reducing energy consumption during peak demand hours, automated demand response not only lowers utility bills but also contributes to a more sustainable environment.
  • EcoFabrics, a manufacturing facility, integrated building automation with demand response capabilities. During peak energy demand periods, they automatically adjusted production schedules and equipment usage, resulting in significant cost savings and reduced carbon emissions.

5. Scalability and Future-Proofing

  • Building automation systems are scalable and adaptable, allowing for easy integration of additional technologies and future expansion.
  • TechStart, a growing technology startup, implemented a scalable building automation system in their new office space. As they expanded, they seamlessly integrated additional sensors and controls, maintaining energy efficiency and comfort levels across all locations.

Partner with Saturn for Seamless Implementation

With Saturn’s expertise in building automation and energy management solutions, your company can seamlessly implement automated demand response strategies to enhance energy efficiency, improve comfort and productivity, and reduce operating costs. Our team works closely with clients to design and implement tailored solutions that meet their specific needs and objectives. Together, we can unlock the full potential of building automation and drive sustainable, cost-effective energy management practices for your facility.

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New Fan Filter Unit 92FFU & Controls

In an era where air cleanliness is essential in critical environments, Nailor presents the cutting-edge 92FFU Fan Filter Unit, designed to elevate your indoor air quality standards to unprecedented levels. Engineered with precision and innovation, this revolutionary filtration system promises to set a new industry benchmark for efficient and effective air purification.

With the 92FFU, Nailor continues its tradition of excellence by combining advanced technology, exceptional performance, and user-friendly design. Whether you’re striving to maintain pristine cleanrooms, improve indoor air quality in healthcare facilities, or create a healthier workspace, this state-of-the-art Fan Filter Unit is your ultimate solution. The new Nailor 92FFU expands our lineup by offering groundbreaking features, exceptional benefits, and unmatched performance. Elevate your air quality standards and breathe easy with Nailor.

Features of the 92FFUs

The perfect solution for clean room applications.
• All models available with high-efficiency ECM in forward or backward-curve fans
• Complete aluminum construction
• Standard HEPA filter with 99.99% efficiency
• Available ULPA with 99.9995% efficiency
• Room side removable filter design for fast and easy access
• Modbus native with optional BACnet capability for BMS/BAS communications


We are elated to introduce the latest line of wall-mounted consoles, working in collaboration with AirCare Automation, for all cleanroom applications and to support our new 92FFU fan filter unit. This new selection of control consoles is aimed at providing our customers with the most versatile options, suitable for a wide range of cleanroom installations. Whether you require a solution for smaller cleanrooms or a fully customizable console capable of supporting up to 1000 FFUs, our consoles are up to the task.

Backed by the expertise of AirCare Automation, a leading name in cleanroom control with over 20 years of experience, we are confident that our consoles will meet and exceed your cleanroom monitoring and control needs.

Contact us for price and availability!

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MAC-700 Room Air Cleaner

Enhance Your Indoor Air Quality

In the quest for optimal indoor air quality, the MAC-700, a revolutionary solution designed to meet the stringent standards set forth by organizations like the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). As experts in HVAC technology, Saturn Enterprises understands the importance of creating spaces that prioritize comfort, health, and overall wellbeing.

ASHRAE Recommendations and Challenges

ASHRAE’s focus on infectious aerosols, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, underscores the critical need for efficient air filtration and purification systems. While ASHRAE provides comprehensive guidelines for new construction projects, addressing the concerns within existing buildings remains a challenge.

Enter the MAC-700, a cutting-edge mobile filtration unit equipped with UV-C lights, designed to enhance air quality without the need for extensive HVAC modifications. Unlike traditional systems, the MAC-700 offers a portable and cost-effective solution tailored to current indoor environments.

Advanced Filtration Technology

At the heart of the MAC-700 lies a sophisticated filtration mechanism. The unit pulls air from all sides, maximizing its capacity to capture dust and biological aerosols. With a MERV 10 pre-filter, UV-C light treatment, and a HEPA filter, the MAC-700 ensures the circulation of purified, near-sterile air within the space.

Efficiency and Safety

The MAC-700’s UV-C lights play a pivotal role in neutralizing biological contaminants, operating at a wavelength of 254 nm to eliminate 99.9% of viruses. Safety features, including a metal liner and a door with a safety switch, guarantee secure operation. Additionally, the unit’s modulating fan switch enables precise airflow control, catering to varying space requirements.

Optimized Design

Unlike conventional systems, the MAC-700 creates low-pressure zones that facilitate the induction of surrounding air into the clean airflow, minimizing the risk of contamination. Its strategic design ensures that filtered air is released above the occupied space, avoiding disruptive horizontal discharge common in other models.

Versatility and Applications

Ideal for a diverse range of environments, including offices, schools, restaurants, nursing homes, and medical facilities, the MAC-700 offers unparalleled versatility. Its efficacy in reducing airborne contaminants makes it an indispensable asset in high-risk settings and areas with stringent cleanliness standards.

Technical Specifications

  • Airflow Control: Adjustable speed control ranging from 200 up to 700 CFM (ft3/min) enables customization based on occupancy, size, and sound requirements.
  • Filtration Efficiency: The MAC-700 utilizes a MERV 10 pre-filter to capture large particles, UV-C light treatment for viral deactivation, and a HEPA filter with 99.99% efficiency on 0.3 μm particles.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with a metal liner and safety switch, the MAC-700’s UV-C lamps ensure secure operation, with minimal risk of UV-C radiation exposure.
  • Operating Cost: Running the MAC-700 for 10 hours a day, five days a week, amounts to a mere $47 per year, making it a cost-effective solution for sustained air quality improvement.
  • Distinguishing Features: The MAC-700 surpasses standard air purifiers with its larger capacity, enhanced filtration efficiency, and commercial-grade construction.
  • Filter Replacement: Recommended replacement intervals for the HEPA filter range from 18 months to 2 years, with pre-filter changes every 60 to 90 days.
  • Operating Costs: Operating the MAC-700 for 10 hours a day, five days a week, amounts to a mere $47 per year, making it a cost-effective solution for sustained air quality improvement.
  • HVAC Integration: Unlike standalone HEPA filters, integrating HEPA filtration into existing HVAC systems necessitates costly redesigns. The MAC-700 offers a simpler, more economical alternative, ensuring optimal performance without compromising system efficiency.

With its innovative design, advanced filtration technology, and versatility, the MAC-700 stands at the forefront of indoor air quality solutions. As businesses and institutions prioritize occupant wellbeing, the MAC-700 emerges as a reliable and efficient ally in the pursuit of cleaner, healthier indoor environments.

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